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Leskovar, Daniel

Specializations: Antioxidants, Biodiversity, Crop Adaptation, Crop Water Use, Cropping Systems, Designer Foods, Disease Resistance, Drought, Environment, Exchange Programs, Food, Food Development, Germplasm, Health, High-Value Vegetable Crops, Hydroponics, International Development, Nutrient Use Efficiency, Pest Resistance, Phytochemicals, Plant Breeding, Protected Cultivation, Resource Use Efficiency, Root Biology, Root Traits, Stress Tolerance, Student Training, Sustainability, Sustainable Practices, Vegetable Organic Production, Vegetable Quality, Water, Water Conservation, Water Use Efficiency

Center Director

Uvalde Research and Extension Center (Texas A&M AgriLife Research)

Center Director

Dallas Research and Extension Center (Texas A&M AgriLife Research)

Resident Director

830-988-6124 (p)

830-278-1570 (f)

1619 Garner Field Road
Uvalde, TX 78801