Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS)

Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS)

The Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS) is recognized as a leader in defining forestry for the future of Texas and the nation. Its applied programs include forest and tree development; wildfire prevention, mitigation, and protection; urban and community forestry; and a host of innovative forest sustainability programs. TFS works to ensure the state's forests, trees, and related natural resources are conserved and continue to provide a sustainable flow of environmental and economic benefits. TFS is also the incident management agency for all-hazard responses, including state disasters such as the 2011 wildfire season and Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike. Through its Texas Wildfire Protection Plan, TFS is increasing the number of personnel and emergency response resources throughout the state.

Unit Name Contact Location
Director's Office (TFS)

979-458-6606 (p)

979-458-6610 (f)

Texas A&M Forest Service
200 Technology Way, Suite 1281
College Station, TX 77845
Ecology and Conservation Biology (ECCB)


979-314-3234 (p)

979-845-3786 (f)

534 John Kimbrough Blvd
College Station, TX 77843-2258