Cooperative Extension Program (CEP), Prairie View A&M University

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Cooperative Extension Program (CEP), Prairie View A&M University

Through a well-organized network of professional educators and more than 4,000 trained volunteers, the Prairie View A&M University Cooperative Extension Program delivers practical research-based knowledge to small farm producers, families, aspiring entrepreneurs and youth in 35 Texas counties. We work with people who need us the most. Many of them have limited personal or family assets, limited opportunities or they come from communities that have limited resources.

Our clientele view us as a trusted resource for information. Cooperative Extension Program agents and specialists respond not only with answers, but meet people where they are and move them along to the next level. We offer programs that work for people in the areas of 4-H & Youth Development (4H), Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR), Community and Economic Development (CED) and Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS).

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Cooperative Extension Program (CEP)

936-261-5122 (p)

250 East M. Norris Street
Carden-Waller Extension Building
Prairie View, TX 77446