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Avila, Silverio

Specializations: Drones, Landscape Ecology, Livestock-Wildlife Interactions, Plant Ecology, Prescribed Fire, Range Management, Range Science, Remote sensing and GIS, UAV/UAS and UGV

Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist

Rangeland Wildlife and Fisheries Management (RWFM) (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service)

432-837-8386 (p)

400 N. Harrison St.
Alpine, TX 79832

Murray, Seth

Specializations: Aflatoxin, Corn Breeding, Drones, Drought, Environment, Food, maize, Phenomics, Phenotyping, Plant Breeding, UAS, Water


Soil and Crop Sciences (SCSC) (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Texas A&M University)

979-845-3469 (p)

110 Agronomy Field Lab
Agronomy Road Bldg. 954
College Station, TX 77843

Palmate, Santosh

Specializations: Agricultural Water Management, Best Managamenet Practices (BMP), Climate Change, Digital and Precision Agriculture, Drones, Environment, GHG emissions, Hydrology, Irrigation Scheduling, Multi-/Hyper-spectral and Thermal Imaging, Participatory Modeling, Remote sensing and GIS, Resource Management And Conservation, Rover, Sustainability, SWAT Modeling, System Dynamics And Modeling, UAV/UAS and UGV, Urbanization And Land Use, Water Resources, Watershed management

Assistant Professor

El Paso Research and Extension Center (Texas A&M AgriLife Research)

915-859-9111 (p)

915-859-1078 (f)

1380 A&M Circle
El Paso, TX 79927-5020