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Dowell Lashmet, Tiffany

Specializations: Economy, Environment, Land Use, Urbanization, Water

Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist - Agricultural Law

Amarillo Research and Extension Center (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service)

Extension Specialist

806-677-5600 (p)

Texas AgriLife Extension
6500 Amarillo Blvd. West
Amarillo, TX 79106

Smeins, Fred

Specializations: Biodiversity, Ecosystem, Environment, Land Use, Plant Ecology

Emeritus Professor

Ecology and Conservation Biology (ECCB) (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Texas A&M University)

979-845-6295 (p)

979-845-3786 (f)

534 John Kimbrough Blvd
College Station, TX 77843-2258

Smith, Patricia

Specializations: Ecological Engineering, Ecosystem, Environment, Hydrology, Land Use, Sustainability, Urbanization And Land Use, Water

Professor & Department Head

Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAEN) (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Texas A&M University)

979-314-8221 (p)

979-862-3442 (f)

Scoates Hall, Room 201A
College Station, TX 77843